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Christmas Services and Program Info

December is a special time where we celebrate Christ coming to be one of us ... with the mission to save mankind! Join us for our Christmas series.

Please take note of our service times and Children's Program and Child Care options as they are different from our regular weekend services.


Growth Groups

At Edgewood we focus on Gathering, Growing, Giving, and Going as we live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We see Growth Groups as our primary vehicle for fostering spiritual growth and Biblical maturity in the lives of Christ followers.

Growth Groups meet throughout the week in homes or at the church.


Women's Ministry Fall Events

Legacy Women's Ministry invites all women to some fantastic opportunities to Gather and Grow with other women.


Latest Sermon

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Creation: God Makes

Series: Christmas: From Creation to Consummation

December 3 & 4, 2016

Brian Bill, Senior Pastor

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Incredible video resources for the whole family!

It's the Netflix of Bible Studies as well as fantastic children's programs. It's free for you to use . . . view videos on your computer, mobile devices, Roku, or apple TV.