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Facility Next Steps

Upcoming: Business Meeting & Vote: Facility Next Steps

Sunday April 29: 5PM

Review: April 22, 2018 Vision Meeting

Edgewood held  a vision meeting related to our facility plans on Sunday, April 22, at 5 p.m. FAQ and Video from this meeting will be posted soon.

Review: August 2017 Special Business Meeting

On Sunday August 6th a special business meeting was held to hear the vision, background, process and proposal from the deacon board to approve a partnership with the Aspen Group, a design, build, and furnish firm that has a heartbeat for the kingdom of God. Aspen's process is built on separate phases, and for us to move forward with the next phase, Edgewood needed to have a congregational vote to approve the project and expenditure of the project. The motion to partner with The Aspen Group for the alignment phase of our facility stewardship project passed overwhelmingly with "yes" votes from 96% of members who attended the business meeting Sunday night.

This web page is intended to inform the Edgewood community about this project. So for those of you that did not attend the business meeting, we have posted the video of the meeting (on this page) as resources to help you get up to speed.

Special Business Meeting Resources

PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Meeting Summary

Link to Video of Orchard Evangelical Free Church project by Aspen Group